Power to thrive in an uncertain world

With the launch of new program to help recover earthquake and tsunami affected areas and to better adapt to the changing environment in the field of education, Katariba redefined its vision in October 2012. Our new vision is “to give power to children and students in an uncertain world.”

Give children and students “power to thrive”

With the rapid pace of globalization and IT revolution, employment situation has changed dramatically in recent years. Children and students face growing challenges to survive in such new reality. Against such backdrop, Katariba introduced the mission statement “give children and students power to thrive.” This is how children and students can unleash their full potential regardless of the economic and social background.

What is “power to thrive?”

Katariba believes that power to thrive consists of three elements: self-discipline, co-existence, and innovation.

1. Self-discipline
Ability for children and students to believe in themselves and their possibility that they can create the future whatever challenges they face. Children and students should set their own goals and face challenges and not run away from them.
2. Co-existence
Ability for children and students to be thoughtful to those around them and to help each other to the community and society they belong. Children and students should take initiative rather than expect others to improve their situations around them.
3. Innovation
Ability of children and students to think by themselves and set their own goals regardless of the change in time. In order to achieve such goals, they should be able to play a leadership role to initiate changes. Children and students should be able to create new values in their respective areas.

Whatever challenges and difficulties they face, children and students should be able to thrive in given environment. Katariba aims to provide opportunities for children and students to build capabilities to realize the vision thee create regardless of the faily and social background.

“We can create our own future!” – Ways to draw infinite possibilities from children

Katariba believes that children and students have infinite possibilities. This is true, for example, for high-school students who spend their everyday life without a clear sense of purpose, or with elementary school students who lost their home and friends. “We can create our own future.” In order for children and students to firmly believe in such notion and take action to realize the vision they create, we can motivate each one of them and nurture their unique Katariba qualities. Through such efforts, we can welcome those youths as members of society who create better world together. Katariba creates opportunities for children and students to gain the power to thrive in an uncertain world.