Supporting education by the society as a whole

Katariba’s activities cannot be done by ourselves. It is essential to get as many adults and youth involved and change education based on society as a whole. The strategy Katariba took to achieve its vision is “1. Bring society to classrooms,” “2. Collaborate with the surrounding community” and “3. Build a new community.”

1. Bring society to classrooms

“We can meet anyone that we’d like through the internet.” Since such attitude towards communication became so common among children and students today, it became more important to arrange a face-to-face meeting between children and adults with different values, background and experience. Through such encounter, children and students can become motivated and creative. Katariba has been successful to draw great potential from children and students. Challenging something new alone is not an easy task for a student. That is why students need to have an opportunity to meet and interact with friends. This would allow them to focus on their goals and to make effort. There are many students who wants to change. Katariba continues to provide an environment that students want to challenge new goals and to give them a chance to change.

2. Collaborate with the surrounding community

Even if Katariba could bring society to classrooms, one encounter alone cannot be sufficient for children and students to change. Being critically aware that such encounter can be one in a millionth chance for each student, Katariba collaborates with schools, community and families that supports their day-to-day life so that there will be continuing opportunities for students to change. Katariba joins various committees established by local governments and work closely with them to create policies that support children and students.