Adachi Base provides a place for children facing various challenges

Katariba was commissioned by Adachi Ward of Tokyo which is undertaking a project called “Adachi Project – leading children to the future -“. Adachi Base is Katariba’s new project which aims to create a safe place for children facing various challenges to make them feel safe and secure through providing academic support and opportunities to expeience new activities.

Serious Problem of Poverty among Children

According to a government survey in 2015, the ratio of children living under poverty in Japan hit 16.3%. This shows that one in six children lives under povety. The number becomes higher among single-parent household, and it is said that half of them live under poor condition. There are many children in Japan who faces various challenges caused by circumstances they have little control over.

Katariba witnessed cases of junior and high school students with family issues and other challenges that they had little control over. In such circumstances, it is crucial to work on three key areas to end the negative spiral of poverty. The three are “cultural capital”, “social relations capital” and “economic capital”. Katariba may not be in a position to support “economic capital” of children, however “cultural capital” and “social relations capital” could be nurtured by providing a place of belonging. Hence, Katariba has started this new project.

Katariba is commissioned by Adachi Ward in Tokyo which puts much effort on measures to mitigate child poverty

Adachi Ward decided 2015 to be the first year to tackle child poverty. Katariba which was thinking of starting its own program to address the issue of child poverty decided to partner with Adachi Ward. In July 2016, Adachi Base was created to provide a safe place for children living in a challenging environment where they can feel a sense of belonging and feel accepted for who they are.

Katariba empowers children to overcome their challenges and the environment that surround them

Katariba aims to help children and students who face challenges in attending schools to overcome their difficulty and to be self-reliant. In collaboration with local schools, Katariba provides academic support and career development catered to the needs of individual students.

1. Create a place of belonging

Through promoting active engagement between children and staff, Katariba provides a safe place for children where they can feel sense of belonging. Katariba also supports children based on their needs.

2. Academic support

Katariba facilitates opportunities for children to experience a sense of success through “continuing” and “understanding” what they are studying. By also providing a ‘self-study room’ to train study habits, as well small class environment and utilizing information and communication technology (ICT). Katariba also provides a cognitive counselling which promotes effecive and quality learning.

3. Providing opportunity of experience

With cooperation and active involvement of local community members and other relevant organizations, Katariba plans and implement events for children to broaden their experiences in various activiies such as arts and crafts, sports, music and agricutlural experience.

Katariba aspires to create a safe place for children while providing many opportunities for them to challenge new things

【Daisuke Kaga, staff at Adachi Base】

Through my daily interaction with children, I feel each child has a strong desire to achieve something and they all have this potential inside of them.

Anyone will be happy if they can achieve something they had not been able to do before, and such sense of growth and accomplishment leads to joy. There are children who are not provied with such opportunity to experience joy or who have already given up on their possibilty to grow.

The academic support and events offered at Adachi Base are just tools for children. Katariba hopes that children would make the best use of such tools and start to believe that they can achieve something.

In order to do that, we need to fill the children’s souls with ‘sense of safety’ and for the children who are starting to grow out of that we need to provide an oppporunity to challenge themselves. Katariba believes that the sense of success and accomplishment gives children more confidence, and lead them to a better future.