Corporate sponsors

Katariba receives generous support from various companies and foundations. These are some of the corporate sponsors.


Benesse has helped Katariba organize its career education program at 80 publich high schools in Tokyo metropolitan area.


Ootoya has donated part of its proceeds of its menu using food product from northern Japan (affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami) to Collabo School. The menu using food product from northern Japan sold 200,000 servings.

Richard Mille Japan

Since 2013, Richard Mille Japan has donated its proceeds from charity auctions to Hatachi Fund and provided Collabo School with its indispensable support.


POKÉMON with YOU is a foundation created by companies which are involved in Pokomen. The Fund gave generous donation to Collabo School Onagawa Kougakukan.

Sapporo Holdings Inc.

Every year since 2011, Sapporo Holdings has donated the sales of draft beer from Ebisu Beer Festival to the operating cost of Collabo School.

Toshiba Inc.

Toshiba Inc. has donated 3 million yen for Collabo School Onagawa Kougakukan to help run math and science classes.

General Incorporated Association Commemoration Arkaim Japan-Russia Friendship Association

Arkaim provided support to improve housing environment for Katariba staff at Collabo Schools, purchase emergency supplies, repair and maintenance of schools and its surroundings.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has supported the operational cost of Collabo School Otsuchi Ringakusha. Its employees also give advice to students on English presentation and provide opportunities for students to think globally.

Burberry Foundation

Burberry Foundation has supported the cost of building Collabo School, its operational cost, and running “my project” programs. Its employees have donated books to Collabo School and gave advice to improve students’ presentation skills. The foundation also facilitated the students trip to visit its office.

The Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation has helped various programs that support children in the disaster affected areas (including Collabo School) through Hatachi Fund. Hatachi Fund was originally established at the Nippon Foundation and the foundation played an important role in its operation.

– These are the organizations that support Katariba’s overall activities as corporate members (with its annual membership of 50,000 yen and above).

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