Our History

Since its establishment in 2001, Katariba has offered classes primarily in Tokyo metropolitan area. In 2006, Katariba obtained legal status as a nonprofit organization under the Japanese law, and expanded its activities throughout Japan. Katariba also started to offer programs at colleges and founded Collabo Schools in the disaster affected areas of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to help support the areas to recover.

November 2001 Kumi Imamura and Yuka Mikoyama (both of them were university students at the time) founded Katariba
July 2002 Help run a program at an event organized for 20,000 high-school students
November 2002 Organized Katariba Cafe at a school-festival of Keiai Gakuen High-School
Organized a career design event at Tokyo Jogakukan High School
May 2003 Hosted the 1st Katariba at Minato NPO House as an interactive event for high-school, college students and young professionals.
February 2004 Organized a workshop in Okinawa, Maji de Katabiyara at Okinawa (Let’s have a serious conversation at Okinawa)
April 2004 Shifted the focus of Katariba from staff-led style to students-driven style
January 2004 Started to expand the work of career education program Katariba
March 2005 Initiated Katariba program in Kanagawa Prefecture
September 2006 Obtained legal status as a nonprofit organization and became Specialized Nonprofit Corporation Katariba
April 2007 Signed a contract with Tokyo Board of Education and commissioned to run a program to coordinate educational support
September 2007 Hosted Katariba program in Aomori Prefecture. Started to expand its activities with the added focus of revitalizing rural areas
January 2008 Started collaboration with Osaka-Kobe based nonprofit Brain Humanity
April 2008 Okinawa branch of Katariba created a student body Katayabira
November 2008 Started an educational program for first-year students at Kaetsu University
June 2009 Received Challenge Award for Equal Partnership from Cabinet Office
September 2009 Featured by TIME Magazine (Asia Pacific Edition) on its cover story
March 2010 Katariba was held at 80 schools in the academic year of 2008 which was record high
September 2010 Moved its office to Kouenji Suginami-ku Tokyo
April 2011 Created Hatachi Fund to support children affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
July 2011 Founded Collabo School Onagawa Kougakukan
December 2011 Founded Collabo School Ohtsuchi Ringakusha
October 2012 Redefined its mission statement to “Give power to children and students to thrive”
June 2013 Approved by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation
March 2014 Changed its name to Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Katariba
October 2014 Took over the implementation of Katariba classes in Okinawa from Katabiyara
April 2015 Opened b-lab, a “secret base” for junior and senior high-school students