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We are keen to work with corporations through their CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs in a variety of ways,
from accepting donations and financial support. Please feel free to contact us for further information or any inquiries you may have.

Support Katariba through donations


Katariba aims to empower all teenagers so that they can create their own future regardless of their social background.
We welcome donations and financial support to help us achieve this goal.
We ask for your kind support for the children who will bear the future of Japan on their shoulders.

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Donations to Katariba are
eligible for tax deductions

Katariba is recognized as a certified non-profit organization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Monetary donations to the organization are eligible for tax deductions under the Japanese law. All donations made by corporate entities to Katariba are eligible for deductions up to the special limit for deductible expenses, in addition to the normal limit for deductible expenses.

We will provide you with a report of our activities after receiving support

In addition to providing you with materials detailing the state of our activities upon receiving your support,
we will report periodically to you in such ways as sending mail magazines and an annual report as well as holding meetings to report our activities.
We have pamphlets that introduces Katariba and its work, and are happy to provide you upon request.
For the details of our annual financial report, please see our Annual Report page

  • Upon making donation

    You will receive a certificate of your donation (counts as a receipt), a letter of appreciation from the children, and a report on our activities.

  • Periodically

    You will receive updates on children’s progress and activities via email. You will also receive through an annual report about the details of our achievements as well as accounting record.

  • Business report meeting

    We will organize a meeting with a representative from Katariba’s board of directors or other appropriate member of staff to provide you with a report on our activities.

  • Publication of your company name

    In recognition for your contribution, your company’s logo or name will be printed on our website, annual report and other places, in accordance with the size of donations.

Examples of activities made possible through your support

  • After-school classes for children in disaster areas
    to get together in a comfortable setting.

  • Providing a place for children with difficulties to feel at home
    so that they can become positive and restore opportunities to study

  • Education in the form of projects in which high school students
    solve problems relevant to their local communities and surroundings.

  • School visits to assist junior and senior school students facing various challenges in life
    so that they can set goals and taking steps towards them.

If your organization is interested in supporting Katariba through donation,
please contact us.

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Non-monetary methods of support

There are a variety of non-monetary means to support the work of Katariba
as a part of your CSR program.

  • Installing vending machines that collect donations

    You can install vending machines at your company that collect donation through each sale of beverages.

  • Providing venues

    You can provide conference rooms inside your company for holding Katariba’s events or meetings (for the capacity of 50 – 200 people).

  • Collecting donations through secondhand books/spare items

    You can raise funds and donate the proceeds from collecting and selling clothes, books and other goods that are no longer needed.

  • Displaying posters

    We can send posters calling for support to Katariba. You are welcomed to display them in your company.

We welcome any inquiries from companies interested in supporting us.
Please contact us for more information.

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Example of collaborative donations

In addition to donations, companies and organizations have supported the work of Katariba through a variety of initiatives.

  • Donating a portion
    of the proceeds from an event

    We received donations from a portion of the sales of draught beer at a limited-time event.

  • Donating a portion
    of the sales from products

    We received donations from meals sold at a restaurant with a donation included in the price. (* The products shown in the photograph are not currently sold.)

  • Donations
    from point systems

    We received donations of reward points from customers in a customer loyalty program.

  • Donations
    from matching gift programs

    We have received donations in the form of matching gifts, in which the company matches donations provided by the employees.

We can collaborate with companies and organizations in various forms other than examples shown above. Please contact us for more information.

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Voices from our supporters

We wanted to support an organization where we could see the people doing the work,
and the faces of people receiving assistance.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, we have donated to Katariba the proceeds from sales of beer at the Yebisu Beer Festival. In 2012, we visited the Collaboration School in the disaster affected area as it had just begun its activities, and felt even more strongly that we wanted to help the people in need. We thought that exchanges with the Katariba staff and children of the Tohoku area would inspire our employees and offer an opportunity to visit the area, thus raising awareness for making societal contributions.

Sapporo Holdings
Head of Corporate Communication Department,
Toshizato Umehiko

The children give us the motivation
to keep working hard.

In the months of February and March since 2014, we have offered a limited-time-only meal with 20 yen per meal donated to the area struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake. What we do is simple: serve our customers good food, take care of their 20 yen donation, and pass it on to Katariba. We chose this system as we wanted to provide continued support. We have had numerous opportunities to learn about the situations of middle and high school children in the disaster-stricken areas, and the growth of those children gives us the motivation to keep working hard.

Ootoya Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Kenichi Kubota

We want to channel the efforts of each beautician
towards a greater cause.

The One Tenth Project is an association of beauty salons centered around Shizuoka Prefecture. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we found ourselves wondering “Isn’t there something we beauty salons can do?” As a result, we established the One Tenth Project, and began running Child Charity Cuts events in which we provide haircuts to children and donate the proceeds. It is important for us that, through Katariba, the donations raised by these Charity Cuts go directly towards supporting children in areas affected by natural disasters.

One Tenth Project
Head of PR Branch
Miwako Kawagoe

* All affiliations and titles accurate at time of interview, conducted in August 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1Can I receive tax deductions?

    Yes. Katariba is recognized as a certified non-profit organization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on June 25, 2013. Any donations received on or since that date are eligible for tax deductions under the Japanese law.

  • Q.2Can I receive a receipt?

    Yes. Each time you make a donation, we will, upon request, issue a certificate for your donation, which qualifies as a receipt. Please note that the date of issue will not be the date of the donation was made, but the date on which Katariba received the funds from payment agencies. Depending on the method of payment, there may therefore be some time between when the donation is made and when the certificate is issued. We ask for your understanding.
    Supporter members (those who make monthly donations) will receive a certificate of donations (qualifies as a receipt) at the end of January of each year for the total amount of all donation confirmed as received by Katariba in the preceding year.

  • Q.3Can I designate the way in which my donation is used?

    We accept donations with designated use of funds in accordance with the programs of Katariba. These designated programs include Collaborative School that provides after-school classes in disaster affected areas, and My Project which engages high school children in learning through social projects.

  • Q.4Do you provide a wire transfer form?

    We provide wire transfer form for Japan Post Bank. Please call us to request the form (0120-130-227 toll free inside Japan, weekdays 9:30 – 17:30), or via online Inquiries form, with “Wire transfer form request” in the “Question/inquiry” field. Please also provide us with a mailing address and the number of copies you wish to receive.