About Katariba

Katariba (Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation, ASNPC) has been engaging in various educational activities for children and students since its foundation in 2001. Katariba has two core programs: Katariba, career education program for high-school students and Collabo-School, after school program for children in the earthquake/tsunami affected areas.

What Katariba wants to achieve

Name Katariba (Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Katariba)
Office Kouenji Commons 2F 3-66-3 Kouenji-Minami
Suginami-ku Tokyo Japan
Phone: 03-5327-5667 Fax: 020-4665-3229
foundation Founded on November 1, 2001 (Became legal entity on September 21, 2006)
Board members Kumi Imamura, Chairman of the Board
Takuya Okamoto, Managing Director
Members of the Board: Jo/Minoru Sakai, Jun Nakahara,Kouji Yamauchi
Katsuhiko Kubota,Auditor
Staff 59 (As of March 2014), the total number of staff at the Secretariat, including student interns are 95.

-You can learn more about Katariba’s program from here.
-Katariba’s 2014 Annual Report can be found here.
※All documents are in Japanese

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