Katariba’s Vision

Katariba’s Mission

Katariba is an educational non-profit organization founded on the belief to give power to children and students to thrive. Katariba offered its program to more than 180,000 students around Japan and provides daily educational support to 300 students affected by tsunami through its Collabo-school program.

2001 How it all started

Katariba was founded about fourteen years ago in November 2011.Kumi Imamura, founder of Katariba, who was a college student at that time wondered why the image for the future differed so much from one student to another depending on the education they received and society they belong.

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Educational gap has a major impact in students’ career

Katariba addresses the social problem where children’s ability to thrive can be circumvented by their environments. Children and students should be able to study regardless of their parents’ income or areas they live. We believe there are many hard-to-see opportunity gaps in Japan where equal opportunity for education is said to exist.

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What is the power to thrive in an uncertain world?

With the rapid pace of globalization and IT revolution, the working conditions have changed dramatically in recent years. Against such backdrop, Katariba nurtures the power to thrive in each student. The power to thrive, in our opinion, is based on “self-discipline,” “co-existence,” and “innovation.” Whatever challenges they may face, students can create their own future based on their vision. Katariba aims to provide such power to students regardless of their family or social background.

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“Diagonal” relationship is the key to create new values

naname_diaIn order to realize its vision, Katariba places “diagonal” relationship at the core of its activities. It is not based on children’s vertical relationship with parents or teachers, or horizontal relations with their friends. Meeting with someone who is a step ahead of them (sempai in Japanese), students can get motivated and inspired. Katariba creates a venue where students can meet such a role model.

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Supporting education through full participation of adults and youth

The programs Katariba produce cannot succeed by itself. It is essential to get as many adults and youth involved and “bring society to classrooms.” Close partnership with schools, parents, communities and local governments will result in creating a new and wider community. Katariba values such an approach that brings the society together and supports education.

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Through organizing Katariba, a career education program for high-school students and Collabo-School, afterschool program for tsunami affected students, Katariba aims to support children and students that have the power to thrive. In order to realize our vision, we need your support. By supporting their education, let’s be a part of a community and create bright future for children and students.