Katariba’s Programs

Turn on the light in the hearts of high school students through Katariba class

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Katariba is a career education program that supports mainly high-school students to build their own career. We offer classes at Tokyo metropolitan area and throughout Japan.

Give place to study for children whose home were washed away by the tsunami

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Collabo-School is an afterschool program for students affected by Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011. We have two schools in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture and Ohtsuchi, Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan.

B-lab: Secret base for student

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“b-lab” aims to be a “secret base” for junior and senior high-school students where they can take part in various activities after school. Katariba is commissioned by the city government of Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo, and “b-lab” is the first public facility in the city made only for junior and senior high-school students.

High school students try to solve social issues through

マイプロLearn More “My Project” is an educational program aimed at enhancing high school students’ ability to solve various problems. Katariba supports high school students who have identified social issues facing local community and have desire to solve them.

おんせんキャンパスLearn More Katariba started a new project in Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture, to support community building efforts through education. Various social issues such as shrinking population. The project aims to educate children to think such local issues as their own problem and to find solutions by themselves.